How I Paint

How I paint

Particularly inspired by mountains, I paint mountain ranges I’ve visited on canvases in my south London flat. I start by building up smooth layers of oil paint for the sky. Deliberately working varied colours and tones into the canvas, the sky begins to recede into the distance as the layers increase and the oil paint blends together. I block out the main areas within the mountain range, emphasizing dark, craggy rocks and smoother, snow covered blocks. Feeling free, I put down my paintbrush and pick up my palette knife. Unrestrained, I add more and more paint, cutting, carving and twisting the knife around the canvas.

Working from darker paint to lighter paint, I copy Mother Nature by adding the glistening snow last. Picking out the whitest whites pulls the painting together. The mountains sparkle. But as with Mother Nature, not everything comes at once. I have to wait. As her seasons give our year a rhythm, my painting also has its own rhythm. I have to prolong my painting and frequently need to wait overnight for the paint to dry if I’m to achieve the crispness and clarity I strive for. Painting in this way gives movement and energy to my paintings; it gives them a sense of life. And with it, painting brings me alive.

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