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Pitztal I, Austria. Oil paint on canvas (£2,200)

This gallery contains a collection of oil and acrylic paintings, which vary in size from 5? x 7? to 24? x 36?. The Pyrenees and Alps mountain ranges in Europe directly inspire my paintings. I travel to these mountain ranges frequently as an international ski racer. (I guide for my severely sight impaired husband, James Luetchford. We both train with British Parasnowsport.) When on ski training and racing camps, I take copious photographs to use as inspiration for my paintings. I then work from these photographs when back in my London flat. I also happily paints commissions using clients’ holiday photographs (more information can be found here). Available pieces of art are also available from my shop.

I love to draw and paint portraits. Growing up as the granddaughter and great-granddaughter of professional portrait painters, I was surrounded by portraits, I love to get to know a person & then attempt to convey their personality on paper or canvas. I start each work by focusing in on the intended emotional response to the piece. Additionally, I am happy to undertake commissions. I can work either from life or from photographs.

An avid fan of all things natural, I love animals. My combined love of portraits and the respect I hold for nature are reflected in these intense and colourful animal portraits. I frequently create many animal portraits as commissions for very happy clients using their photographs. Commissioning a piece of art is a fantastic way to commemorate a special occasion. Additionally, I sometimes also paint animal portraits for my own pleasure. Therefore, there are a small number of pieces available in my shop.